6 Ways to Avoid Job Burnout and Increase Productivity – by robertr

6 Ways to Avoid Job Burnout and Increase Productivity – by robertr

There is a difference between a bad work day, work stress, and job burnout. Knowing the difference between workplace stress and burnout can help us prevent burnout, manage job stress, increase productivity, and be happier and engaged with our jobs.

Stress produces urgency while you are over-engaged, and it can lead to loss of energy and anxiety. Job burnout is characterized by disengagement and produces helplessness. It can also lead to loss of motivation and hope.

Preventing Job Burnout

  • Clarify job expectations. Work with your manager or supervisor to update a description of your job duties and responsibilities. You may be able to gain a little leverage by showing that you’ve been working above and beyond the parameters of your job.


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